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Greetings, gamer!

Morzyn already awaited you. Now it's waiting to be played.
Are you wizard enough to win this fight?

You are a mighty magician.
It's your mission to defeat all enemies on the field with the help of a variety of creatures.
Get ready to fight and show your opponents how to command an army of myrmidons!


  • more than 50 different creatures waiting to serve you
  • powerful spells to duel with enemy wizards
  • many different unit abilities
  • easy-to-use interface
  • addicting game concept

Direct way to the download page:
"Morzyn - a tribute to Morkin 2"
for FREE now!

(Morzyn is still under construction. Some features mentioned in the
readme file may be not included yet. Please revisit this page for updates.)

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© 2007-2014 Enrico Dietz, Martin Windolph