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Content of this file:

1. What is Morzyn
2. Character classes
3. How to play Morzyn
4. Special Items
5. Cheats
6. System requirements

1. What is Morzyn

Let's say Morzyn is a kind of follower or advanced version of Morkin 2. There are more creatures and spells in Morzyn. Well ... we do not want to combat if Morzyn has the better graphic but we claim that!
:-) Now what we tried to do was to reawake Morkin 2 and improve it with fresh ideas. Our main focus was to provide more creatures and spells. With a lot of endurance we drawed pictures of some creatures that are also present in Morkin 2 and added some bonus stuff like "Lady Death", "Horn Beast" and other nice warriors. We also wanted to balance enemy wizards a bit more (in Morkin 2 enemy wizards always were enforced with more spell points than the human players). Another important step was that we tried to import the kind of handling connected with Morkin 2. We are proud to say:

"If you know how to handle Morkin 2 you will also be able to handle Morzyn!"

This is an overview about some of the units of Morkin 2 that were imported into Morzyn. The black row shows the creatures made by Anthony Hamilton. Next to them there are Zyphon's "copies":

1. Kobold (now Gnome): The weakest creature in Morkin 2 was always too big for our taste. So we renamed it to "Gnome" and made it much smaller.
2. Mummy: This creature was a cheap all-round unit so we really had to import it into Morzyn.
3. Giant: Number 3 is the favourite unit of Zyphon - very strong and fast! A must-have for Morzyn!
4. Elf (now Elvish Bowman): Versatile long-range unit.
5. Bat: This is the fastest of all units. It can move 6 times!
6. Rat: During a game the Rat always dies as fast as it is created. But it is swift and cheap.
7. Snake: Nearly the same like the Rat but much slower.
8. Stone Giant (now Giant Warrior): This is nearly the strongest unit of Morkin 2. Only the Golden Dragon is more powerful.
9. Fire Elemental (now Fire Golem): Nightmare of every human player in Morkin 2. You always had to run when your enemy casted this creature as first.

2. Character classes




The Warrior never avoids close combat. He is strong enough to deal with powerful enemy creatures. His strength and health are remarkable. When hurt the Warrior regenerates slowly.
The Rogue is a sneaky fighter. He uses a large dagger to kill his enemies and he is able to escape when caught in close combat. Because of his knowledge of creatures and their anatomy he has a chance to kill an enemy with only one strike. He is also very quick and acts tactically.
The Sorcerer is a master of the arcane. He regenerates mana contantly and he casts spells with ease. This warrior always avoids close combat. There is also one random immunity for each Sorcerer.
Health: 18-20
Strength: 5
Defense: 4-5
Speed: 1
Health: 15-17
Strength: 3-4
Defense: 6-7
Speed: 2
Health: 13-15
Strength: 2
Defense: 2-3
Speed: 1
  • + 1 to health when hurt (once per round)
  • 33% chance to kill a monster with one strike
  • uses "trick" to escape from close combat
  • steals additional 50% of melee damage as mana when hitting enemy players in close combat
  • + 3 to mana (once per round)
  • spells are less expensive
  • 1 random immunity

3. How to play Morzyn

You will instantly know how to play Morzyn if you ever played Morkin 2 before. The handling is nearly the same. The most important fact is to know the difference between the effect of the right and the left mouse button. Only use the right button if you want to cancel an action or to end your round! For everything else use the left button!
The following steps will guide you through the standard operations and moves during a game.

Main characters (Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer)
The main character is the main unit of every player. If this warrior dies the game will be lost. The main character is a very powerful unit. There are three different "classes of main characters."

Moving units
As you will see, moving units in Morzyn is easy. Just use the left mouse button to select one of your units you want to move on the field (you will not be able to move your unit if it has direct contact to an enemy - please read "Attacking" for further information). When your unit is selected it's background will be shaded a bit. Now it's time to click the box you want your unit at. Remember: You can always move units step by step. Even if your unit has more than 1 move point you will have to click on a box in it's direct environment. You can repeat this step until your unit is out of moving points for this round. When you have finished your moves your unit will automatically be deselected. So you can select the next one. Of course you can also cancel the moving of a unit by clicking the right mouse button.
If the unit you selected also has distance attack it will be deselected AFTER you used this special skill. Please read "Attacking" for further information.

To attack an enemy unit you have to select one of your own units first. Use your moving points to get in direct contact with your opponent. If your enemy is already next to you you can only attack him or cancel your turn. You can not move away from your enemy in this case. To attack him just click on him as you would do to move your unit. If you are lucky your unit will harm the enemy. If your unit does not have additional distance attack skills it will be deselected automatically. Otherwise you have the chance to attack your enemy once more. Just click on him again or any other enemy unit near you. Depending on the range of your distant attack you can attack any enemy unit in you line of sight with this kind of special attack.

At the beginning of every round the main characters have the chance either to cast a new creature or magic spell. If you have at least 2 spell points you will be automatically guided to the spell menu. Here you can see all the units and spells your grimoire contains. You can only cast a spell if you own the required spell points. If you have enough spell points to cast a new creature it's name will be written in white color (everything that is too expensive for you will be written in grey font). Now select the unit or spell you want to cast with your left mouse button. The spell menu will close automatically. You can now place the new unit in a box near you. If you selected a distant attack you just have to click the enemy unit you want to attack. You do not always have to buy something from the spell menu. If you want to keep all your spell point (maybe to save for a stronger creature) click the right mouse button.

Earning spell points
You need spell points to cast spells. To earn spell points you have to fight against enemy units. Harming them with melee damage will add double the damage points to your spell points. Distant damage will only count once - no matter what kind of attack it is. This means:
2 melee damage = 4 spell points
2 distant damage = 2 spell points

4. Special Items

With a bit of luck you will find some special items of the field during the game. These items can enforce you and your creatures. Some items can only be picked up by you and not by your creatures.

This is an overview about all kinds of special items:

Heart (tiny): This item adds 2 health points to you or one of your creatures.
Heart (large): This item adds 5 health points to you or one of your creatures.
Shield: This item boosts your defence by 2. It can also be collected by creatures.
Potion of health: This item refills your health by 2 points. It can also be collected by creatures.
Potion of health: This item refills your health by 5 points. It can also be collected by creatures.
Mana Potion: This item adds 5 spell points to your mana pool. It can only be collected by main characters.
Mana Potion: This item adds 10 spell points to your mana pool. It can only be collected by main characters.
Sword: This item boosts your damage by 2. Also creatures can use it.
Scroll (creature): This item adds a random creature spell to your grimoire. Only main characters can use it.
Scroll (attack): This item adds a random attack spell to your grimoire. Only main characters can use it.
Flash: This item speeds you up or one of your creatures. It adds 2 to your move points.

5. Cheats

There are some cheats in Morzyn. Just enter them in the spell selection menu and some bonus creatures will appear. Here are some hints:

Osamana - think about a special date
Obolix - famous words of Obolix (latin language); use a search engine
Varth Dader - nearly too easy; some famous words again
Master Yado - some famous words again - you all know them
Son Geku - the name of a powerful attack of Son Geku and his master
Santa Claus - well-known jingle
Bobsponge - the place where Bobsponge lives

6. System requirements

- mouse, keyboard
- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
- display resolution of at least 800x600 pixel

© 2007-2014 Enrico Dietz, Martin Windolph